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We Loan Top Dollar For Your Items, Same Day Guaranteed.

We Lend $1,000- $1 Million Secured Against Your Jewelry, Gold, Watches, Handbags and More…



     o   You’re given cash on the spot based on what you need and the value of your possessions.


     o   We do not review any of your personal information or report it to credit bureaus.


     o   Using what you already have to get what you need now, leveraging to create liquidity.


Do you need a short-term loan quickly and have valuable items you own?


Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of selecting the right loan broker?


Do you feel uncertain about the security of your precious item in someone else’s hands?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then listen carefully…



For All Of Life’s Opportunities And Unexpected Expenses...

When looking for a short term liquidity solution, sometimes it’s business and sometimes it’s personal. Whether it’s a common situation or an unexpected one, we offer a 100% private transaction and cash on the spot. Sometimes you have to get creative… reinvesting, restructuring or redistributing your wealth. Many of our clients leverage our service to realize an exciting real estate or business opportunity. Investing with your own cash that is secured in your existing valuables is often a smart way to accomplish your objectives. Maybe you’re experiencing an unexpected expense, life change event or needing to move on from an unpleasant memory. No matter what, we’re here for you, to help see your assets true value.


Jewelry & Diamonds High End Watches Gold & Precious Metals
Engagement Rings Famous Designer Jewelry Luxury Handbags
Valuable Gems & Stones Bullion and Coins

Assets Loaned On Recently

2.14 Cushion Cut Diamond $14,000

Gold and Diamond Rolex $42,000

Diamond Engagement RIng $22,000

Gold Coin Collection $120,000

Diamond Tennis Bracelet $28,900

Chanel Vintage Handbag $5,700

Certified, Licensed And Insured Expert Appraisers Of All Top Brands

Licensed, Bonded and Insured by the World's Longest Running, Most Trusted Source

Appraisers are Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America

Fully licensed previous Metal and Jewelry Buyers by City of Scottsdale


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The Car Salesman Cliché Schemes End Here.

We Operate In Simple Transparency.

At Estate, there are NO gimmicks, tricks or haggling. We choose not to focus on the melt price in our appraisals. We also decided not to base our loan amounts on markups and wholesale profiting. Which means we’re giving you the best possible dollar amount based on current market values (often 50%-100% over all others).

We DON’T do our business based on the possible future outcome of your loan. Which means that the experience and values we offer allows for a deep understanding of exactly where you’re at and we actually want you to come back.

Transparency should be the standard, which is why we are against leveraging your current circumstances against you. Getting bullied over your items that you already own is the last thing you deserve. We understand the demand for a truthful, confidential and established solution.

Seeking A Loan For Your Belongings Can Be Very Intimidating And Frustrating.

A Shady Pawnshop Is Embarrassing And Questionable.

Pawnshops are excruciatingly uncomfortable; the experience can be humiliating and upsetting. There is nothing worse than placing your precious possessions into the hands of a greedy pawnshop guy with a gun on his waist.

Obtaining a loan for your valuable items can be a sensitive matter. If you have ever visited a pawnbroker, gold jeweler, or estate buyer, you have most likely experienced uncomfortable salesman tactics. A lot of the time they use high pressure and  half-truths to negotiate and take advantage of you.

FACT: Collateral Loaning And Jewelry Pawning Is A Broken Awful Experience

Why Can’t It Be A Simple Transparent Process?…

Most pawnbrokers start their interaction with you looking for a sign you may default so they can get your treasures for pennies on the dollar. They give you the smallest loan amount with the highest interest rates because they want to capitalize on your situation. The big payoff for them comes when someone defaults especially when they have given the lowest loan amount possible upfront. It’s a backwards approach in their favor that only benefits them.

Most lenders today base their loans on a baseline rule (that happens to be horrible for you) it’s an insider secret that they don’t want you to know. The rule is: no matter what you bring in, it’s only worth weight (minus impurities), melt price, and nothing else.

THEY simply toss it on the scale, weigh it, and give a low percentage of melt value – jewels and even diamonds are often NOT considered.

·      Your item is thrown in a pule treated like scrap.

·      It’s weighed with a formula that subtracts impurities (in their favor).

·      Melt value is calculated and you’re offered a fraction of that amount.


× Knows little about jewelry and buys everything else like: sporting goods, musical instruments, tools, etc.

×     Doesn’t understand your situation and shares little empathy in your connection with your items.

×     Is trying to make money off you every step of their “process”

×     Leverages the law to keep your treasures so they can flip quickly to wholesale (or middleman) buyers.

We are the end buyer because we operate our own store, which means:

√ We commiserate giving you the best dollar amount for your situation.

√ Our main focus is not on how to make money off of you by involving others.

√ Instead of paying out in just scrap value, we include emotional evaluation and fair market rates.

√ Were experiences with name brands and designers, since were buying and selling every day.

√ We are considerate and work hard for you to provide a service while also getting you paid fast.

The loan you need, when you need it…

·      Paid instantly

·      We charge 35-50% less

·      Best loan amounts

·      No approval processes

·      Discreet and confidential

·      No setup fees

Pawnbrokers Don't Want You To Know: Interest Rates Are Not Set By Law.

There Are Loopholes To Charge Less And Remove Made-Up Fees, Which Is What We Do.

With us, your individual needs and situation determine the plan, not the other way around. State laws for pawn brokers set the interest rate allowances. Many lenders will use this to their advantage. They will charge the max possible, plus a made-up setup fee. In the honor of transparency and fairness, we’ll be straight forward with rates, and we do NOT charge needless fees.

The standard period for most loans is 3 months. After that time, you either renew your pawn, pay it off, or default; and the pawnshop takes full ownership of your item. They are counting down the minutes to the stroke of midnight on your expiry day in hopes that they don’t hear from you. Some make the fine print confusing as well, further complicating the process with intention. This is how they legally rob you of your treasures. There is no feeling worse than paying someone to steal your stuff.

We don’t leverage the state law to our advantage, we also fully communicate your credit agreement and notify you about expiration. Many times we work with our clients to extend or renew terms because we understand that life happens. We’re not out to take your treasures or hold your valuables for ransom. We wouldn’t have so many repeat clients if we did- which include many of Arizona’s athletes, doctors and wealthy elite.

~ Highest Loan Amount

~ Willing To Negotiate

~ No Confusing Fine Print

~ No Setup Fees


We will out-Pay Everyone In Arizona GAURANTEED

Confident in the way we treat our clients, what we have to offer, and our level of expertise, that we hope you will go other places before coming to us. We know that we can beat them at every turn, and not just on price. Nobody in Arizona has been in the business longer or built the unique business model that we have.

All gimmicks aside… Get quotes, and gather information before we talk- we’ll beat everyone else’s offer. The reason we can do this is because of our time and experience in the business. We have built the networks and relationships to buy and sell anything in the industry, so we can afford to give top dollar to you.

We loan out the most and keep our margins smaller than others. We know we can offset that by the volume of our total business, versus price gouging our clients on a per item basis with needs to make high markups. We are also the beginning and end of the line in the process because we own and operate our own established jewelry store since 1997, all additional benefit to you.