Celebrity Engagement Rings Influence Style Trends

Celebrities have long been known as influencers in fashion, beauty, and jewelry. To many people, celebs can represent an aspirational lifestyle filled with glamor and luxury. Their engagement rings, often expensive and unique, embody these qualities making them desirable to fans who dream of a similar lifestyle. 

Social media exposure and magazine coverage is extensive around celebrity engagements. This gives exposure to both the celebrity and their engagement ring, making them highly visible and influential. Celebrity rings are often custom designed jewelry, and unique which appeals to people’s desire for exclusive and personalized items. Famous designers like Lorraine Schwartz have designed for Beyonce, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities from Hollywood.

Jewelers and designers closely follow celebrity trends to stay competitive, relevant, and responsive to consumer demand. The influence of celebrity engagement rings on public tastes and market trends makes it essential for the jewelry industry to monitor and adapt to these high profile choices. When choosing an engagement or wedding ring, it’s important to consider not only these trends but also personal preferences and budget.

Celebrity-Induced Trends

The combination of extensive media coverage, social media impact, perceived authority of celebrities, desire for uniqueness, emotional connection and economic influence have all played a role in the following engagement ring trends.

Oval Shaped Diamond

Blake Lively received a flawless 12 carat blush-toned oval shaped diamond with a micro-pave band in rose gold from Ryan Reynolds. This ring significantly boosted interest in the popularity of the oval cut and colored gemstones, as well as colored precious metals.

Justin Bieber gave Hailey Bieber a large oval shaped diamond with an 18K yellow gold band This ring renewed trends for the desire of having an oval engagement ring. Kourtney Kardashian received an elongated oval shaped flawless diamond set in a platinum pave band from Travis Barker.

Below are a few examples of oval shaped diamond engagement rings. An 18K White Gold Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire with 40 bead set side stones, a 14K Rose Gold Oval Diamond with 116 side stones, and a 14K White gold Oval Cut Diamond with 34 accenting round diamonds.

Colored Diamonds

Jennifer Lopez has gathered attention from her numerous engagement rings. The first time she was engaged to Ben Affleck she received a 6.1 carat pink diamond. The second time around she received a fancy vivid yellowish green diamond in a cushion modified brilliant cut flanked by two elongated baguette diamonds and two trapezoid shaped white diamonds with gold prongs.

Photo credit Ramey Photo

Featured is an 18K White Gold Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring, and a 14K White and Yellow Cushion cut Diamond Ring.

Two Stone Ring

Emily Ratajowski's engagement ring helped start a trend for duo rings. She had a three carat pear shaped diamond paired with a two carat princess cut stone both in a bezel setting in 18K yellow gold. Megan Fox had a toi ring that featured a pear shaped vivid emerald (her birthstone) and a pear shaped diamond (his birthstone) ring with magnetic gold bands.

Photo credit Rosery Poetry

Pictured below is a Platinum Marquise White and Black Diamond bypass ring with baguette diamond accents and an 18K Yellow Gold Emerald and Rose Cut Diamond Dual Ring.

Colored Gemstone

Princess Diana received an oval blue sapphire encircled with a halo of 14 solitaire diamonds. Kate Middleton received that same ring from Prince William when he proposed. Kate Hurley, Penelope Cuz and Gwenyth Paltrow also have sapphire engagement rings. 

Victoria Beckham has sported 15 engagement rings during her 24 year marriage to David Beckham. She has had a wide variety of sparklers from a marquise cut, emerald cut, square cut, cushion cut, pear shape, a yellow diamond, a ruby set in diamonds, a sapphire, pink oval cut, and an eternity band.

Elizabeth Taylor said “yes” ten times and married eight times. She also had a wide diversity of bling in engagement rings to include a 29½ karat engagement ring, a 4 carat diamond platinum set engagement ring, a diamond studded sapphire, an emerald cut diamond, a diamond bracelet, a Bulgari brooch & Bulgari necklace from Richard Burton, rubies, emeralds and diamond ring, a 16 carat sapphire ring, a sapphire and diamond ring, and a simpler pave diamond band.

Photo credit by Good Housekeeping

Here are samples of three sapphire rings: an 18K White Gold Madagascar Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring with Two Half-Moon Diamonds, a Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Platinum with 6 channel set tapered baguettes, and an Oval Sapphire and Diamond Halo ring in Platinum with 2 Pear Shapes and 12 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. 

Below are three more samples of colored gemstones: an 18K White Gold Oval Cut Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Ring, a 18K White Gold Burmese Ruby and Pave Diamond Ring, and an 18K White and Yellow Gold Two Toned Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring.


Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a three-stone ring with a thin diamond clad band. Two of the diamonds are from Princess Diana’s collection. This started a trend in more three stone diamond rings featuring a center stone.

Photo credit Tim Graham photo library

Featured are a Platinum Princess Cut Diamond with 31 round and princess stones, an 18K White and Yellow Gold Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond, and a 14K White Gold Three Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is another engagement ring that has been trending. Amal Clooney received an emerald cut 7 carat diamond with two tapered baguettes and platinum band. Beyonce became engaged to Jay Z with a large center emerald cut solitaire diamond with a split shank and 92 side stones. Paris Hilton also has an emerald cut diamond.

Photo credit Taylor & Hart

Here are some emerald cut diamonds: a 14K Yellow Gold Emerald Cut with 32 side stones, a 14K White Gold 2 carat Emerald Cut Diamond with 164 side stones, an 18K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond with split shank and 92 side stones, and a Platinum 3 Emerald Cut Diamonds.

Pear Shape

Cardi B received an 8 carat pear shaped diamond with halo and 2 side diamonds plus a diamond band. When Cardi B and Offset were engaged she had a 8 carat raindrop shaped diamond set in a halo of pink diamonds. Ariana Grande had a three carat pear shaped diamond with halo.

Featured are a 10.90 Carat Pear Diamond with 47 round stones, a 14k White Gold & 2.08 Pear Cut Diamond with 26 side stones in 14K White Gold, and an East West 14K White Gold Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

Cushion Cut

Kim Kardashian had a 15 carat flawless cushion cut diamond from Kanye West. Priyanka Chopra received a cushion cut diamond surrounded by smaller tapered baguettes from Nick Jonas.

Photo credit Forbes.com

Here is a Platinum Cushion Cut diamond with 51 side stones and a 14K White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with 98 side stones.


The love story of celebrities can wield significant influence over engagement ring trends, shaping public taste and market demands with their high profile choices. From unique settings and innovative designs, to preferences for specific diamond cuts and gemstones, celebrity engagement rings often become benchmarks for style and elegance. Buying an engagement ring is a significant step in people’s lives that is well worth celebrating!

Jewelers and designers follow these celebrity trends to create collections that reflect the glamor and elegance seen on the hands of the rich and famous. Social media continues to reinforce the exposure and desire for beautiful engagement rings.

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