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Since 1997, our jewelry store has been known for crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces along with building custom rings exclusively for National Guard veterans and Armed Forces members. Over the years, we've earned a reputation for heartfelt craftsmanship and exceptional quality, leading to an increase in demand.

In response to this overwhelming appreciation, we've expanded our focus and manufacturing capacity to better serve this valued community. With passion and dedication, we handcraft personalized rings that honor your service and sacrifice. Contact our store today to orders yours.

  • Fully Customized For You
  • State Patch, Position, Rank & Name
  • Solid Gold & Real Gemstones
  • 20% Discount For Attending NGAUS

national guard rings - Order Yours Today

I served in the South Dakota Guard for 32 years. My wife bought me a ring to celebrate my retirement - I love it!
Scott P.
Brigadier General
Excellent quality and very heavy. I went with white gold and rubies and it turned out incredible. Thanks!
Richard W.



Your State Patch

Our custom rings proudly feature your state patch, symbolizing the roots of your National Guard journey and fostering camaraderie among fellow guardsmen, allowing you to carry the spirit of your state's pride with you always.

Your Rank and Position

Embrace the essence of your service with a ring displaying your rank and position, capturing significant career milestones in the National Guard, ensuring that your achievements are forever commemorated in this custom piece of jewelry.

Your Name

Your name is etched into the heart of the custom ring, embodying the identity and honor of your dedicated service, making it a cherished testament to your profound impact and commitment, reminding you of the journey you've undertaken to serve our nation.

NGAUS 2023 Exhibitor

100% Solid 14k Gold & Authentic Gemstones

showcase your guard service in style with your 100% custom-made hand-forged ring

Turn the heads of your fellow guardsmen and women with your solid 14k gold ring highlighting your name, position, state patch and rank and displaying your favorite colored gemstones - all 100% genuine and hand-built.

Endless Customization Options For Your National Guard Ring

Tennessee Lapis Ring

This ring was designed for a fellow guardsmen in Tennessee and showcases a beautiful Lapis stone surrounding a bezel set diamond.

Ohio Onyx Ring

We helped design this beautiful ring for an Ohio Guardsmen which features a stunning black onyx and blue sapphire top.

Colorado Emerald Ring

Our jeweler crafted this ring for a Colorado Guardsmen that wanted a cluster of genuine emeralds pave set across the entire top.


Personalized Symbolism
These hand-forged custom rings go beyond mere jewelry – they encapsulate your essence. Each piece is meticulously created to embody your individuality, becoming a distinctive symbol of your style.
Exceptional Craftsmanship
Elevate your accessories with rings that showcase unparalleled craftsmanship. With a meticulous hand-forging process, every curve, line, and feature is refined to perfection.
Lasting Memories
Every glance at these custom rings is a reminder of cherished moments. As you wear your ring, it becomes a silent witness to your journey, preserving memories that are etched into its design.

I found out about this company after I saw my friend's Colorado ring and knew I had to have one. I wear it every day now!

Jamison N.



Celebrate your distinguished service in the National Guard with an extraordinary custom ring, an emblem of honor and devotion.

Crafted by a master jeweler with solid gold and exquisite gemstones, it showcases your name, state patch, position, and rank, an everlasting tribute to your dedication. We've been in business in Scottsdale, Arizona for 27 years and take immense pride in delivering exceptional client service, ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

Our commitment extends nationwide, as we ship these treasured rings to heroes across the country. Wherever you may be, the spirit of your service will shine bright, encapsulated in a stunning National Guard Ring.

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