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Sell Your Silver to the Best Dealers in the Valley

Estate Watch & Jewelry is well-reputed for purchasing silver coins, silver bullion, silver flatware, and all kinds of silver jewelry, in top condition or damaged.

Located in Scottsdale, we are among few top jewelers in the Phoenix area (Tempe, Mesa, Sun City) who can guarantee significantly higher rates than competing silver buyers. 

Why choose us over online buyers or pawn shops?

The only way you'll get a fair price for your unwanted silver pieces is an expert appraisal, and here at Estate Watch & Jewelry, we have the potential to meet your expectations. It is practically impossible to get an appraisal you deserve from online silver buyers or pawn shops since more often than not, you'll be getting only a fraction of what your precious metals are worth.

That's why we have made it our priority to provide you with the best possible service, professional and safe appraisal, and most importantly - instant cash payouts. 

While you can't fully trust online or pawn shop dealers with your precious metals, money transactions, or the safety of deliveries, the Estate Watch & Jewelry offers honest and ethical evaluation and stress-free, instant payments. 


We buy these silver pieces:

  • Silver flatware
  • Silver bars
  • Silver coins (the American Eagle, the Maple Leaf, silver dollars, or other collectible coinage we can estimate for numismatic value ) 
  • Silver jewelry (damaged or not)
  • Silver cutlery or flatware
  • Silver teapots 
  • Silver figurines 
  • And more!

Know your silver - tips that'll help you find value

The safest thing to do if you're selling online or bringing your precious metal to a pawn shop is to be certain of the value yourself. This might not be as easy as you think. And while we're happy to share certain evaluation guidelines with you, do not leave anything to chance, especially with the market continually shifting. 

Make the right decision and visit Estate Watch & Jewelry for the fairest pricing in the Valley.

1. Check the inscription

Check your silver item for a label. If there's a small inscription saying 'ste' or 'sterling' it means that it is 92.5% pure silver. Another symbol to look for is 'IS' which means international silver, or silver plated. To authenticate a silver piece, always look for a standard stamp. International sellers will have stamps of 800, 900, or 925 indicating the percentage of silver. 

2. The weight test

The weight of metal will have a specific thickness, and silver is denser than most metals. If you are suspicious of our precious metal's weight, it might be that it has been made of silver alloys rather than sterling silver. If it weighs more, it could have been made out of lead, plated with silver. Pure silver is usually shinier and cooler than silver-plated items. 

3. The ring test

This a very common and easy test. Pure silver makes a strong ringing sound, so the best way to check for authenticity is to rub the item with another metal or silver item. A silver coin, for instance, should make a sound like a ringing bell when dropped onto a flat surface. If the sound is dull, the silver coin has most probably been mixed with other elements or metals. 

4. The magnet test

Most precious metals do not have magnetic qualities, and silver is no exception. In contrast to iron, nickel, or cobalt, silver exhibits weak magnetic features. Use a magnet to check if the silver object is drawn to it. If the object sticks firmly to the magnet, it is unfortunately not silver. Fake silver or even silver-plated items are made of other metals, so this is a fairly easy test to determine a piece's authenticity. 

As for the value, we would be happy to take a look and see how much exactly your silver is worth.

We honor Arizona's silver-rich history

Valuable metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are scarce and rarely found, thus the name precious metals. Once gold became almost depleted in California after the Gold Rush, prospectors searched the neighboring states and were lucky to find silver veins right here in Arizona. 

This new-found interest in silver put Arizona on the map and helped it become a U.S. territory in 1863.  

Even though silver mining declined after the demonetization of silver in 1893, copper mining soon took over. More silver was produced as a byproduct this way, than during the bonanza silver days. 

Looking to buy your next silver piece?

Not only can you sell your silver items at our Scottsdale jewelry store, you can also find your next favorite piece of silver. We offer a wide selection of precious metal pieces, the silver ones being no exception.

You can shop for jewelry, bullion coins such as the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf or other collectibles like silver dollars.

If you can't find what you're looking for among our wide selection of high-end jewelry, we will be more than happy to assist you in your search.

We make your ideas come to life

We know how to listen. If you have a vision of an item you'd like to own, our expert staff is here to make your dream come true. 

Tell us about it, and we will gladly design a unique piece of jewelry just for you.