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Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry Today to the Best Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona

Is your old jewelry gathering dust, forgotten at the bottom of your drawers? 

Why not bring it to us? 

At The Estate Watch & Jewelry Company, you can put your gold, platinum, silver, diamond and gemstone jewelry to good use and get the best price possible. 

The residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Sun City, Arizona, and across the country, have trusted us with their jewelry items for over 40 years.

We welcome jewelry in any condition - old, new, or even broken - and can offer:

  • Expert evaluations
  • Timely and convenient sales process
  • Risk-free, on-site payment
  • Generous offers based on the global market value of the item

Check out the prices no online buyer or pawn shop can match.


Gold - everything you need to know

As one of the leading buyers of gold jewelry in Arizona, The Estate Watch & Jewelry Company boasts several decades of experience in the gold-buying industry. 

Although you can sometimes tell whether your piece of jewelry is real gold or not, it is impossible to determine its true value without expert assistance. 

Ways you can test gold at home

If you're interested, you can try out some of these home-based methods, before you visit us and discover the true value.

  • Look for hallmarks - most pieces of gold jewelry have a discreet engraving to mark their value. For instance, if the engraving says 24K, it is made of pure gold. However, be careful, since some gold pieces have incorrect inscriptions in order to pass as pure gold;
  • Use a magnet - real gold is not magnetic. If you place a gold piece near a relatively strong magnet, it should not be attracted to it. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a cheaper metal only plated gold, or a gold-like substance;
  • Test it with vinegar - all you need for this test is a simple pantry item - vinegar. Place a few drops of the liquid onto your piece of ....., and if the drops alter the color of the precious metal, it's definitely not real gold; 
  • There shouldn't be any traces on your skin - real gold will not make your skin turn green. If you notice a bluish or a greenish tint, your piece is not real gold.

If you have a piece of jewelry and are unsure of its value, bring it in to be appraised. Some appraisals can be done by professionals while you wait.

To learn more about selling your gold jewelry in Scottsdale, visit our buy and sell gold page

Get instant cash for your silver jewelry

Estate Watch & Jewelry is among the few top jewelers that offer the highest prices for your silver jewelry in the Phoenix area. 

Similar to the DIY tests for gold jewelry, you can check whether your precious metal is real silver or not at home. 

  • Look for an inscription - check for a label, and if it says 'ste' or 'sterling', you're dealing with 92.5% silver. Another symbol to look for is 'IS' which means international silver, or silver plated. International sellers will have stamps of 800, 900, or 925 indicating the percentage of silver.  
  • Listen to your silver - pure silver makes a strong ringing sound when rubbed against another metal or silver item. If the sound you hear is dull, the item has most probably been mixed with other elements or metals.
  • Use a magnet - most precious metals do not have magnetic qualities, and silver is no exception. It exhibits weak magnetic features at best and shouldn't be drawn to stronger magnets. Fake silver or even silver-plated items are made of other metals, so this is a fairly easy test to determine a piece's authenticity. 

As for the value, we would be happy to take a look and see how much exactly your silver is worth.

Read all about selling silver jewelry on our buy and sell silver page.

Your diamond jewelry is in good hands

Diamond jewelry is delicate and requires much attention, especially during the appraisal process. We know you'll want your precious stones to be in the best possible hands.

This is why all of our appraisals are performed by experts with Graduate Degrees from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). We require this high threshold of knowledge from our appraisers and gemologists, so we can ensure our customers receive the highest price for their diamond jewelry.

With the sparkling service you get at The Estate Watch & Jewelry Company, you're not only guaranteed professional appraisal, but the highest prices in the Scottsdale area as well, whether you bring us brand name designer jewelry, large carat diamonds, or a modest diamond engagement ring. 

We are the jewelry buyers you can trust to offer the best pricing in the Valley. 

Learn more about the process of selling diamonds on our buy and sell diamond page

Buy fine jewelry

We offer a wide selection of high-end fine jewelry that ranges in condition from new to gently worn. With the assistance of our professional staff, you're bound to find a piece unique to your liking. 

Designed just for you

If you cannot find something in our store, we are more than happy to work with you to design a unique piece for you. Tell us your wishes and together we'll make that perfect piece you've been looking for.